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Alex Jones Was Right

PEI Sees An Outbreak Of God

on 09-20-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

The absolutely corrupt and constantly lying PEI government is trying to convince Islanders that there's a deadly disease coming after our children. They have begun, once again, their MK-Ultra mind control tactics on the children of PEI. Forcing them to wear a diaper on their faces, and brain-washing them to believe that they're diseased. The insidious nature of the evil mind-control seems to be lost on most Islanders... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Canadians Fighting The NWO

on 08-30-2021 / by J. Visser / in New World Order

Right now, there are two types of Canadians: The Canadian who is afraid to piss off satan, and the Canadian who doesn't want to disappoint God. Which one do you think I am. I'll tell you, for free, that I'm not afraid of satan, not at all. Everyone on this planet has agreed to work with God to bring about Glory, peace, and justice. This is a deliberate choice, but they way it works is you have to decide twice. You did decide to work with God before you came here, but then you forgot. Now, your job is to re-member (to become a member of God's plan, again)... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Canadian PM Admits Vaccines Are Fake

on 08-28-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

Some people in Canada have a hard time believing that the covid-19 virus is fake, and so is the vaccine. However, the politicians of the world constantly slip up, that is why more and more people every week are seeing through the evils of tyranny. Every time I watch a status update from Canadian politicians on the fake pandemic they are ALWAYS laughing. They are laughing at us... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Race Wars In Canada - Main Theory

on 08-26-2021 / by J. Visser / in Race Wars

There is something that I know about the world, and people. The idea that people intrinsically hate each other because of minor differences in color is nonsense. There is an agenda to paint certain groups as extremely racists over others. This is going on in America in a very big way, and almost all Canadians know this. It is easy for us, here in Canada, to see that the American racist agenda is a false narrative promulgated by the media, politicians, and celebrities... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

This Website Already Being Censored By Google

on 08-26-2021 / by J. Visser / in Censorship

Creating a website and posting articles to the net is very easy to do. Anyone can do it. Currently, there is no censorship to creating a website, but I believe this will change in the future. Anyone can create a website, but getting traffic to your site is another story. If Google doesn't find you politically correct enough, or if your articles go against mainstream narratives, then you'll find your articles to be censored... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Mark Of The Beast In Canada

on 08-24-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

The 'mark' of the 'beast' is vaccine technology, and it always has been. You are extremely gullible if you don't understand that vaccine technology is pure evil. The history of vaccine technology is a satanic lie designed to fool the population into taking the 'mark'. Humanity is the 'beast', and the 'mark' goes on the 'beast'. It is a misunderstanding of eschatological teachings that satan is the 'beast'. No, the 'beast' is the collective consciousness of stupidity... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Alex Jones Was Right About Gay Frogs

on 08-23-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

A lot of people forget that Alex Jones is a news reporter. It's all too easy to believe all the lies about Alex Jones. That he is a conspiracy theorist, first, is a total lie. If Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist then all the media are conspiracy theorists. The reason why the dullards call Mr. Jones a conspiracy theorists is because he covers the conspiracies against humanity, as a reporter, simply put... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Fake news, fake news, and more fake news. That is all you'll get from the TV. It has been very well understood, especially among the intelligent, that the mainstream media is nothing but fake news. It is extremely naive to believe that the TV reporters and media puppets are anything more than the mouth-piece for evil and tyranny. Everything about the media is totally fake... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

There Is No Test For Covid19

on 08-22-2021 / by J. Visser / in New World Order

When the 'new world order' creates fake realities, it's always totally fake right out of the gate. Like the fake pandemic of Y2K. All the information around Y2K was totally fake right from the start, and then fear is driven into the minds of the feable. We see this with many things. The climate change hoax, aswell, starts off with complete bogus information, then the minions of stupidity drive fear into society. With the weather, there simply is NO computer model of the Earth, that's where the lie starts. There is no way to accurately predict the entire global weather system, but somehow most people believe that there are experts who can do this...read more

Alex Jones Was Right

The Fake Pandemic Of Y2K

on 08-21-2021 / by J. Visser / in New World Order

The hysteria around the fake pandemic of Y2K is exactly the same as the hysteria around the fake pandemic of covid-19. The fake Y2K even seems like a trial run for the new world order globalists. The system of lies always targets the experts, first. That way the media can say 'experts say...'. With Y2K, it seemed there were no experts, at all, and ALL the media pumped out a constant barrage of nonsense. Today, we see the same thing happening with the fake pandemic of covid-19, with, once again, Bill Gates promoting and profiting from the whole thing...read more

Alex Jones Was Right

New World Order In Canada - Main Theory

on 08-21-2021 / by J. Visser / in New World Order

When we talk about the 'new world order', we are talking about a world-wide cabal of super-rich elite families, groups, and organizations. Nobody really knows the exact structure of the 'new world order' groups. What is known are the buzzwords of this cabal that all their minions use. The title, 'new world order' is a phrase that has been used throughout the decades, and has come to mean the cabal itself...read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Australian Gov Admits Covid Vax Is Poison

on 08-20-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

It is very important to understand how evil is operating, right before our eyes. All the governments and all the media are working in lock-step with each other to introduce the 'mark' of the 'beast', and they do not try to hide it... read more

Alex Jones

On the topic of censorship, well, everyone (even the mind-controlled) knows that Alex Jones is one of the most censored persons the world has ever known through-out all of history. This is no joke. The evil that runs the systems of the world does not want anyone to hear what Alex Jones has to say...read more

Alex Jones

Alex Jones has sounded the trumpet on the evil plan to poison all of humanity for a long while now. From flouride in the water to GMO, and the covid-19 world-wide medical experiment. Alex Jones has always been tip of the spear in warning of the elite master plan to cull the human race... read more