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Aug 17, 2021 / by J. Visser

The world is slowly waking up to the jarring reality that Alex Jones Was Right about everything. What the mainstream-mind zombies believe is that Alex Jones is just a crazy conspiracy theorist out to harm humanity, but the truth is far from this cartoonized and fake depiction of Alex Jones. To call Alex Jones a crazy conspiracy theorist is to admit your own lack of intelligence. There is no doubt about it anymore. Alex Jones is the most important person in the media today. Period.

God does love you and wants you to know that Alex Jones was right about everything! Alex is 100% correct about an evil plan to enslave humanity. I know this because God talks to me on a daily basis. I say this knowing that a lot of readers will just think I'm crazy, but I'm ok with that. I want you to know that a lot of the articles on this website are inspired by what Alex Jones has warned about, but also the conversations with God that I've had over the years.

God has told me that we all become like Alex Jones in order to survive. What evil has planned for us is far worse than you can imagine, and that Alex Jones is only scratching the surface.


Believe it or not, God tells me that the Internet was a bit of a surprise to the evil ones. They didn't see it coming, and were slow to realize the threat against their plan the Internet is. However, today, the evil new world order satanists are fully aware that there is a Godly force driving the development of many things on the Internet. As Alex Jones says, there is an "Information War" at the center of the battle between good and evil, and censorship of the Internet is vital to their evil plan.

God wants you to know that your freedom to speak (and think) is under attack. The evil plan is not only to control your speech, but also to control your thoughts. God tells me that censorship is about control over who you pray to. They want to remove God from everything you can experience, including your thoughts and prayers. If you let the politicians censor what you can say on the Internet you will lose the ability to freely "think" next.

Controlled Media

What we call the "Mainstream Media" is 100% under satanic control, and it always has been a system of mind-control. It is important to understand that satan and his minions have always used "mainstream media" to control the masses. The total control over the media didn't just start today, or even yesterday. God tells me that controlled media is ancient. Literally, thousands of years old. Controlling what and how we think is the crux of satans control over humanity.

The "mainstream media" isn't just the large coporate news networks and news-papers, but also your favorite TV shows and movies. The world witnessed yet another fake pandemic and most people thought it was real. Even though no government in the entire world can prove that the fake covid-19 virus even existed, people still believe that it was real. This was possible because of the total control over the mainstream media.

New World Order

It might be a surprise for some readers to hear that satan is not coming to power, today. Instead, satan is losing power, and God is taking over. The "new world order" is not an attempt to gain power over humanity, but an attempt to keep power and control over humanity. God tells me that the satanic forces have been in control for thousands of years, and this control has been total, until recently. They know that God is taking over, and this scares them. The evil controllers are very scared of God and of the people who align with the will of God. They know that the jig is up. The evil reign over the people of God is over!

God wants you to rejoice in the knowledge that the evil reign over humanity is over, and aligning with the will of God is all we have left.

Toxic Humanity

God wants you to know that humanity is not toxic. God loves us, and made us to be very resilient. The evil power controllers do not like how strong we are, even without alignment to God, and they know that with God we are unstoppable. There is a world-wide conspiracy to make society believe that humanity is toxic to planet earth. They want you to think that you are a plague instead of God's gift to earth. We are all here to literally create the Kingdom of God, and the gift that you are must be realized by yourself.

From the fake climate change theory, to the fake pandemics of the world, the goal is to stop us from realizing our connection to God. The earth is beautifully balanced from head to toe, and this balance is Godly. The evil controllers can't stand how creative God is. This is why they will constantly push the idea that humanity is toxic to itself and to the earth. Do not believe a word of it.

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