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Aug 17, 2021 / by J. Visser

The world is slowly waking up to the jarring reality that Alex Jones Was Right about everything. What the mainstream-mind zombies believe is that Alex Jones is just a crazy conspiracy theorist out to harm humanity, but the truth is far from this cartoonized and fake depiction of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones epic rants, from InfoWars.com, known to all his loyal fans.

War For The World

Alex Jones is right about a War For The World brought upon us by the evil new-world-order pedophiles. This evil war is global, but is being experienced in different ways around the world. Some people are fully aware that we are in an all-out-war for our lives, and some are totally unaware.

We now know, absolutely, that Alex Jones is not a joke. He has always been warning the world of the depopulation plan, and it is time we start paying way more attention to the theories of Mr. Jones, because we are all in the same boat. Canadians, Americans, the British, the Russians, the Muslims, everyone in every country, is targeted for extermination by the evil super-rich global elite.

"...They've made the decision to go authoratarian, the big corporations and the big banks can sit back in their swiss-armerd fortress... in their Hawaiian-top, mountain-top fortress. While they have the politicians, the front-people, carry out martial law. This then causes violent revolutions that break down society futher, collapsing currencies, and then they come in and buy it all at pennies on the dollar. We either wake up to this, or it's over!..." - Alex Jones

A world-wide conspiracy IS happening right before our eyes. No matter how much the lying media, celebrities, and politicians "Gas-light" the population, it no longer can be hidden that evil is afoot.

Introducing Macro-blogging

The Macro-blog is the opposite direction of the 'social' micro-blog. If a normal blog is one (or a few) writers writing for one domain; and the micro-blogs (like twitter) are many short messages by many bloggers (or tweeters). Then the Macro-blog is normal-sized blog articles, again, but with appliction features similar to the 'social' networks.

The articles of AlexJonesWasRight.ca are seperated into five main categories: New World Order, Toxic Humanity, Controlled Media, Censorship, and Race Wars. These are the initial catergories created be me, and currently, only I can post into them. The plan is to allow other writers to create there own categories, and post articles to. Anyone that creates an account can comment on blogs, follow select categories, create and post articles to their own categories, plus more.

The Category is like a channel on YouTube. You must have an account with us to create new categories, and your category must be approved by me. You are the owner of the new Category and are expected to write new articles and post them to your new Category. You will also be able to invite other 'viewers' to become 'writers' for your category. Anyone with a valid account will be able to subscribe to your category.

A Testing Ground

This website is part of a collection of software that I'm developing, and pages are meant to show different versions of some features. Some of these pages will be used for educational purpose, and content could change at any time.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.

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