⇒ Censorship In Canada - Main Theory

Aug 18, 2021 / by J. Visser

On the topic of censorship, well, everyone (even the mind-controlled) knows that Alex Jones is one of the most censored persons the world has ever known through-out all of history. This is no joke. The evil that runs the systems of the world does not want anyone to hear what Alex Jones has to say. Even former president Donald Trump was afraid of the information that Alex Jones represents. While Trump was the president he held a summit on censorship, and invited popular internet media personalities that face silicon valley censorship. Even though this summit came about because of the purge of all things Alex Jones from silicon valley servers, Trump did not invite Alex Jones to this summit. Trump is afraid of the truth.

All at once, Alex Jones and InfoWars was censored and banned by all the big tech companies.

You could argue that Alex Jones is just too much, but this is just obfuscating the truth about what is planned against us. The 'truth' is too much for people, it is not Alex Jones. Alex Jones represents the 'truth', so the people that have a problem with Alex Jones actually have a problem with 'truth'. If Alex Jones was clueless about human reality, if he was politically correct, in a typical way, he would be greatly beloved by American media and the celebrities. This is without any personality changes, at all.

I don't understand why people have a problem with Alex Jones, but don't have a problem with Howard Stern, Bill Maher, or Stephen Colbert. The difference is not personalities, it's just if what they say and represent is sanctioned by evil. People have told me about the Howard Stern show. His show sounds, literally, disgusting in comparison to The Alex Jones Show. Stern is a definite contributor to the filth of North America, so he is allowed by the evil controllers. Alex Jones is also a man of God, and those that work against God, don't want the people of God to know that a 'Great Movement' is currently taking place.

Simply put, Alex Jones has a great personality for media and entertainment, and he is rejected only because he refuses to represent the information system of satan, of the evil politicians, and all the minions of stupidity. This is a truth that is very difficult for people that have chosen manipulation and mind-control for emotional comfort. The fans of Stephen Colbert have checked out, mentally, but hopefully not spiritually.

It is very true that adults, in general, stop thinking beyond the age of 30. It is a jewel of the human mind that desires creativity and freedom of thought. The independence that everyone seeks, is the division that celebrities want to protect you from. I've seen big time celebrities, banging their heads against a wall, chanting 'he will not divide us', then turn around and say 'diversity is our strength'. Diversity, really, another word for division. The stupidity of the celebrities and media puppets makes me laugh. The confusion around being divided has reached a lot of the world. Being divided is a part of nature, and was created by God, that is why the celebrities say 'he will not divide us'. The 'He' they're referring to is God. The celebrity means to say 'God' will not divide us, but 'He' most certainly did divide us all.

My point here, is that we are all different from each other, by creative default. Then, the world, controlled by evil, gets in the way of peoples creative destiny. If God has a purpose for your soul, then satan would attack this purpose. The weapon of choice seems to be the control of information through mind-control, and the censorship of anyone that represents reality.

In this category I will cover how the evil globalists are tackling the 'truth', or what they call 'misinformation'. Censorship in Canada is real, and Alex Jones did warn of this. We have a lot going on, here, in Canada. A lot to talk about when it comes to censorship of reality in Canada. Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.