⇒ This Website Already Being Censored By Google

Aug 26, 2021 / by J. Visser

Creating a website and posting articles to the net is very easy to do. Anyone can do it. Currently, there is no censorship to creating a website, but I believe this will change in the future. Anyone can create a website, but getting traffic to your site is another story. If Google doesn't find you politically correct enough, or if your articles go against mainstream narratives, then you'll find your articles to be censored.

The current version of the internet is controlled by the very evil corporation, Google. A lot of people don't understand how Google controls the net, but those people also don't know how Google makes money. In this article, I'm not going to explain how Google is a mind-control system. Maybe in a future article. I just wanted to let you know that this website, even though only a week old, is already being censored by Google.

It is important to understand that it does take time for Google to index a website, and there are other factors, like ranking, that will affect organic search results. However, that's not what I talking about here. Once in a while, Google will choose to exclude a certain page from indexing. There are valid reason for this to happen, but sometimes Google just doesn't like what you are saying.

It would appear that Google doesn't like one of my articles: Australian Gov Admits Covid Vax Is Poison. In that article, I explain how the Western Australian government refers to the covid vax as an actual poison. I also link to the wa.gov website where anyone can read the government documents that call the vax a poison. Nothing of what I say in that article is a lie. It is true that the WA government refers to the vax as a poison, and I really believe that people should hear about this, rather than hear the gas-lighting about what 'poison' means.

The information that Google gives is just that they discovered the page but don't want to overload my server by reading and index the page. What total BS, because their crawler is all over the site before and after. I think it is pretty obvious that Google doesn't like that I point out that covid-19 vaccines are listed as 'poison' in Australia.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.