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Aug 30, 2021 / by J. Visser

Right now, there are two types of Canadians: The Canadian who is afraid to piss off satan, and the Canadian who doesn't want to disappoint God. Which one do you think I am. I'll tell you, for free, that I'm not afraid of satan, not at all. Everyone on this planet has agreed to work with God to bring about Glory, peace, and justice. This is a deliberate choice, but the way it works is you have to decide twice. You did decide to work with God before you came here, but then you forgot. Now, your job is to re-member (to become a member of God's plan, again).

In this article I would like to make mention of the people who I think have chosen to be part of the plan of God. In America there are some incredible characters of God, such as Alex Jones. Of course, there are many more people of God in America, but this website is focussed on Alex, and InfoWars. I absolutely LOVE Alex and all his employees, they do the work of God, and they will save America. The question I ask myself is, who will save Canada? With the guidance of God, of course.

Judgement day is coming to Canada

It is very important for the people of God to begin connecting with each other. No one is going to defeat the NWO on their own. We are flawed humans who need the guidance of God, we need to start respecting each other, and connecting with each other in order to save Canada. The following is not an exhaustive list of the army of God in Canada. Just a few people of note.

Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant on The Alex Jones Show

The founder of Rebel News is Ezra Levant. I, personally, have a lot of problems with Ezra. I think he means well, but is not guided by God. This one is a bit tough for me, and I almost left Rebel News out of this. When it comes to understanding the plan of God, and the religions of the world, Rebel News is not there. They are blind and clueless idiots when it comes to understanding religious truth, but then again, most people are. If every religious person on Earth understood the truth of God and religion, then we would be in the Kingdom of God, right now. I know that people, the world over, have a lot to learn about God and His Kingdom, and clearly, God is very patient.

What Rebel News is not afraid to do, is point out that Canada has become a tyrannical hell-hole. This is the reason I include Ezra Levant on the list of Canadians fighting the new world order. Also, the fact that I disagree with Ezra and Rebel News, on some things, shows that those of us against tyranny are not a cult. Alex Jones talks about this all the time on his radio show. You see, you'll never see the politically correct minions of stupidity disagree with each other, because they are a brain-dead zombie cult.

Chris Sky

Chris Sky also appeared on The Alex Jones Show

Chris Sky became a person of interest to the evil globalists when he refused to be tested for a fake virus at a Canadian airport. He also refused to self-imprison himself, which is totally against the disgusting plan of satan. Chris Sky is a beloved Canadian that isn't afraid of satan or the minions of stupidity. That is why he is vilified by the morons in the media.

You can visit his website at realchrissky.com.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Candian pastor arrested for being a good Christian

The brave pastor whos crime was that of being a christian pastor, only. May face up to 4 years in jail for being part of the plan of God in Canada. Pawlowski became famous when he told tyrannical police to 'Get Out' of his church, and then was arrested by the embarrassed covid stasi. I don't have a website for the 'brave pastor', however, he has been on the Alex Jones radio show (links below).

Dr. Kevin J. Arsenault

Author of Ethical and Social Commentary on Life in PEI

The only one on this list not to have appeared on the Alex Jones radio show is Dr. Kevin J. Arsenault. Kevin is a doctor of divinity who works for God out of Prince Edward Island, Canada. For many years he's being pointing out the extreme corruption of the PEI government, the lunacy of the CBC news, and now the coming satanic tyranny of Premier King and his evil witch lackey, Heather Morrison.

I personally know people in the corrupt PEI government who are aware of Kevin and his great work, only they don't think it's great. He is considered a potential threat, conspiracy theorist, and may even be labelled as a terrorist. The people in the PEI government that I'm talking about are very corrupt drunkards and perverts. We are talking about PEI officials that have made multiple visits to the evil communist country China. I'm talking about clandestine trips to discuss who knows what with the evil CCP. Trust me when I tell you, Kevin, certain people in the PEI government really don't like you, and they tell lies about you in private circles.

Dr. Arsenault keeps a blog titled Ethical and Social Commentary on Life in PEI. Check it out, it's a great read.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.