⇒ New World Order In Canada - Main Theory

Aug 21, 2021 / by J. Visser

When we talk about the 'new world order', we are talking about a world-wide cabal of super-rich elite families, groups, and organizations. Nobody really knows the exact structure of the 'new world order' groups. What is known are the buzzwords of this cabal that all their minions use. The title, 'new world order' is a phrase that has been used throughout the decades, and has come to mean the cabal itself.

The 'new world order' dates back many decades, possibly longer. The earliest that I've heard this phrase goes all the way back to WW2, NAZI Germany. The very evil Hitler, and gang, were trying to create a 'new world order'. Today, we know very well what Hitler would have meant by a 'new world order'. The so-called 'order' that Hitler and the Bush family talked about, is an order for them, not us. They never tell you that. The population is enslaved, and the cabal are the puppet masters. That is the 'order' that is planned for you and everyone.

German spies posing as American presidents.

Many people may know of the time when the American president, George Bush, talked about a 'new world order'. Which is not suprising when you realize that the Bush family are German NWO spies that put at least two of their agents in the White House.

Of course, the topic of the 'new world order' is heavily covered by Alex Jones, and for a long time. Don't forget, Alex Jones was the one that infiltrated the evil cabal's ritual camp, the Bohemian Grove. Check out the videos from banned.video in the information links below.

In this category I will look at the doings of the evil cabal known as the 'new world order', but have many other names. I will examine the operations of this cabal in Canada, and the Canadian government. Stay tuned for more articles.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.