⇒ The Fake Pandemic Of Y2K

Aug 21, 2021 / by J. Visser

The hysteria around the fake pandemic of Y2K is exactly the same as the hysteria around the fake pandemic of covid-19. The fake Y2K even seems like a trial run for the new world order globalists. The system of lies always targets the experts, first. That way the media can say 'experts say...'. With Y2K, it seemed there were no experts, at all, and ALL the media pumped out a constant barrage of nonsense. Today, we see the same thing happening with the fake pandemic of covid-19, with, once again, Bill Gates promoting and profiting from the whole thing.

It is absolutely remarkable to me that we still have people in the world that can't comprehend that Y2K was a totally, and completely fake pandemic. Perpetrated by Bill Gates, corrupt politicians, drunk media puppets, and then perpetuated by the minions of stupidity. The minions of stupidity, in this case, happens to be almost everyone. Everyone fell for the stupidity of the world ending because of a miniscule programming problem in a product that is not needed.

The 'law' doesn't know how to deal with criminals like Bill Gates.

I personally know people that work in government who, to this day, think that Y2K was a real pandemic. That humanity averted the end of the world through government intervention. I'm talking about people that, during the fake Y2K pandemic, needed to be told what a web browser was. How can we expect these minions of stupidity to understand the crimes of Bill Gates, let alone the crimes of satan. You see, evil uses stupidity against us. For some strange reason, humanity has had a very hard time battling its own stupidity. It is the intellectual blocker for feable minds, like not being able to see the large pink elephant in the room.

If you are in any government, today, and you honestly believe that Y2K was a real pandemic, then I'm absolutely sure that you also believe that covid-19 represents a real pandemic. You're also too stupid to understand that climate change is fake, and that machines can't learn. We are lied to by people that do not know they are lying, they are just too stupid to understand. Meanwhile, the satanists made 'political correctness' into the moral high-ground, literally, to wipe out Christian morality.

So, now we are not allowed to point at stupidity and laugh. The idiots in government have protected themselves. They even invent new crimes that can be applied to anyone, literally. So that all of humanity is, essentially, a criminal. If you know any cops, like I do, then you know that they don't care what defines a criminal, they just care about hunting criminals. They are psychopath hunters, with guns, no God, and see all citizens as criminals. They are not smart enough to understand that they are just pawns of satan, and would laugh at the idea. That's the way it should be. It is very important to satans plan that the police and military are as dumb as possible. Yes, it is true, that a smart one slips through once in a while, but not so much lately. The defund the police movement, also, is just a disguise for more stupidity in law enforcement. With far less money, the cities will not be able to afford intelligence. If you think the police are a bunch of dumb idiots, now, what do you think it will be like when there is no more money to pay them. With zero money, the only police a city can afford are idiots and/or criminals.

Nobody went to jail for the crimes of Y2K, instead the criminals made hundreds of billions of dollars. People forget that Bill Gates was a psychopath pissed off at the world. We did know this about him in the 90's, but with all that money Bill Gates made from his fake Y2K pandemic, he was able to pay the media to paint him as a benevolent billionaire. Someone who cares about humanity (even though he can never show it). Bill gates is also the most powerful doctor in the world, according to globalist propaganda. They have tricked all the same people using all the same tools, except more of the public sees through the stupidity of covid-19 tyranny. This time Bill Gates will not get away with his type of crimes on humanity. I know it, you reading problably know it, we just don't know how it will all transpire. What do we, individually, need to do to stop Bill Gates this time? He 'got' away with Y2K, and now he thinks he can just use the same tactics as before. Maybe, this is his stupidity. He repeats the same MO, exactly, even using a lot of the same people. If Bill Gates fools you once, shame on him. If he fools you twice, then you're an idiot, and he will probably fool you for a third time.

I have way more faith in humanity, today, then I did in 1999. I really believe that humanity is far-and-above the total experience of satan and all his minions. I would not have said this in the year 1999. Back then, the reaction to a totally fake digital pandemic, the total stupidity I witnessed on a global scale, it all left me in a bit of a dark place. Emotionally, this was a very tough time for me. Realizing that I lived among world-wide stupidity was very sad and lonely. My only choice was to turn to God for guidance on how to ease my mind on the topics. It is because of my development with God that I now know that evil is not at all in the lead. The entire force of evil is small, weak, and pathetic.

The people of God are going to bless this Earth with the goodness of God, and evil will be of the past.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.