⇒ There Is No Test For Covid-19

Aug 22, 2021 / by J. Visser

When the 'new world order' creates fake realities, it's always totally fake right out of the gate. Like the fake pandemic of Y2K. All the information around Y2K was totally fake right from the start, and then fear is driven into the minds of the feable. We see this with many things. The climate change hoax, aswell, starts off with complete bogus information, then the minions of stupidity drive fear into society. With the weather, there simply is NO computer model of the Earth, that's where the lie starts. There is no way to accurately predict the entire global weather system, but somehow most people believe that there are experts who can do this.

Alex Jones and Joe Rogan being tested for a fake disease.

The reason for driving fear is very obvious to all Alex Jones fans. The scam is called 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'. We've heard many people talk about this scam for decades. For those of you who don't know, the NWO globalists are expert con-artists (except their art is ugly to me). They play a long-game con that they even call 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'. This NWO con-job is totally fake, all the time. The 'problem' does not exist, and the populations 'reaction' to the fake problem must be total fear. If the 'reaction' is laughter, then the con-job is dropped like a sack of potatoes. The only way the evil globalist will carry on with the con-job is with total fear as the 'reaction'. How much fear exists within the population signals how much they can get away with in the fake 'solution'. The 'solution' is meant to calm your 'reaction' over a 'problem' that does not exist.

With the fake pandemic of covid-19, once again, we see the same con-job tactics of the NWO, but everything is way bigger. The lies that make up the 'problem' are gigantic and global, the 'reaction' is total insanity, and the 'solution' makes the evil people extremely rich plus depopulates the planet. All of this is right in front of our eyes, that is why the evil take-over plan will fail. 'They' are not fooling us, and 'We' greatly out-number them. Yes, it is true, that we have a large group of the population turning into mind-zombies of the NWO. This was to be expected.

The Harvard Drop Outs

The idea that someone drops out of Harvard because he or she is too smart. Is a ridiculous idea. Everyone who drops out of a tough education, does so because they can't do it, and not because they are genius'. A genius would finish early, instead of drop-out early. So, why do people believe that Bill Gates is a computer genius? It's incredible the way the NWO plays everyone. Bill Gates does not have the training to even understand operating systems, let alone be the world leading expert. He also does not have the training to be the 'most powerful doctor in the world', yet he is, according to mainstream (NWO) media.

It is important to understand that evil has been playing you, since before your great-grandparents where born. Bill Gates is a FAKE computer-nerd genius (just like all the genius' at the Apple Store). He is a nerd-wannabe, Harvard drop-out, computer illiterate, and I shouldn't have to tell you that. The same goes for Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is also a nerd-wannabe, and Harvard drop-out. The idea that Gates and Zuckerberg are genius' in the field of computing really makes me laugh. They are very obvious idiots, but the NWO media covers for them. The media and TV shows tell you that a genius is socially akward to the point they appear as idiots, just like Gates and Zuckerberg. The truth, that everyone knows, is that smart people know how to talk to people. Tech genius' are not idiots like the television makes them out to be, just their fake NWO bosses are.

Ok, so you didn't catch that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg can't be computer genius, and the proof is that they both dropped out of computer studies. However, sometimes these FAKE Harvard genius' don't do a good enough job faking it to keep out of prison. I'm talking about Elizbeth Holmes, CEO and founder of Theranos (a biotech startup). Holmes, once again, considered a genius technical mind, was a Harvard drop-out. However, the technical genius of this Harvard drop-out was discovered to be TOTALLY FAKE! Elizabeth Holmes created a machine that would be able to instantly diagnose covid-19, and guess who was the billionaire investor who wanted this technology. Fake Tech genius and Harvard drop-out, Bill Gates.

Bill Gates' Theranos Plan Fails

With the discovery of the fake drop-out genius, from Harvard, Elizabeth Holmes and her fake covid-19 testing technology. Bill Gates and the evil minions of stupidity needed a new plan, and quick. Not only did Bill Gates fabricate a fake 'problem', but he planned on making money off of testing for his fake 'problem'. That's how sick of an evil villian he is. Bill Gates planned on making billions of dollars, alone, just with testing for the fake covid-19 virus using fake Theranos technology.

Elizabeth Holmes, another fake Harvard genius.

Why do people not know about this? It is because of the way the media gas-lights everyone. The media wants everyone to believe that nobody knew what they were doing. The investors are victims, right, they were dupped by a fake Harvard drop-out. Could have happend to anyone (with billions of dollars). The media also paints Holmes as a victim of Silicon Valley culture. Where a perfect pitch is valued over proven results, which again, is just more gas-lighting. I know the startup community, and I know what investors are like. You may be able to trick an investor in your pitch, but everything 'fake' will be discovered during due-diligence. So, what do we have? All the pricipals involved are claiming to be victims, why? The media is gas-lighting it's viewer so that people do not make the connection between the fake covid-19 pandemic, the fake Theranos technology for verifying covid-19, and the fake PCR test that the evil NWO had to use instead.

A Test Not Testing For Anything

Because Bill Gates could no longer use his Theranos technology for testing of the covid-19 infection, he no longer was going to profit from testing for his fake disease, and he needed some other lie. Simply put, Bill Gates needed a new way to trick people into thinking there is a dangerous virus plague. Along comes the uncalibrated PCR Test.

The PCR test, which is used all over the world to diagnose covid-19, is not a virus tester. This is the out-of-the-gate lie that is like a pink elephant in the room. The PCR Test is very interesting, because whatever you are looking for you will find it. However, the result is meaningless without calibration. Even if calibrated, the PCR Test is not a tool for diagnosing illness. The PCR Test cannot tell if you are sick, and it cannot tell if you can get others sick. All of the tests for covid-19 are just completely fake, and there is no doubt about this because the PCR Test was never calibrated.

The testing for covid-19 is totally fake, but what else does this tell us? For me it's obvious, covid-19 is not real, not one bit. Anyone can find out for themselves that nowhere, in the whole world, did anyone isolate the alleged covid-19 virus. Instead, a computer model extrapolated the covid-19 virus out of thin (digital) air. This is the fake reality that we live in, and the minions of stupidity act like zombies in the face of truth.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.