⇒ Race Wars In Canada - Main Theory

Aug 26, 2021 / by J. Visser

There is something that I know about the world, and people. The idea that people intrinsically hate each other because of minor differences in color is nonsense. There is an agenda to paint certain groups as extremely racists over others. This is going on in America in a very big way, and almost all Canadians know this. It is easy for us, here in Canada, to see that the American racist agenda is a false narrative promulgated by the media, politicians, and celebrities.

Critical Race Theory To Replace History

Living in Canada I do meet a lot of Americans. A couple of years ago (when Trump became the president) I had some American friends over for dinner. This was a time when Liberal Americans were trying to convince everyone that all Republicans are deplorable and extremely racist. Of course, they didn't have any proof, just heresay. My Liberal American friend and I got into a conversation about what was going on in America. I'll never forget what my friend said to me that night. He was very adamant when he told me that the 'biggest' problem in America is racism.

There is a big problem with blindly believing what celebrities say, or what the media puppets report. These people are paid millions of dollars to lie to the world. Lying about what is true is one of the biggest problems of the whole world. This is called occultism. The media and the celebrities are practicing occultism with the world. Informational occultism is the biggest problem in America, and now here in Canada.

In this section, Race Wars, I will discuss how the globalists are trying to get all of us to hate each other so that they can arrest us for hate crimes. In Canada, we don't have white supremacists, even though our government tries to promote the nonsense that we do. Canadians, in general, all love each other. We are very nice, kind, and God fearing people. The race war agenda will not work in Canada, this I am very sure of. I see the race war agenda, in Canada, as a very big mistake on the part of the NWO media puppets and evil government. However, the informational occultism is getting a lot worse here in Canada, so it is very important to write these kind of articles to combat the stupidity. Stay tuned for more articles.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.