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In Canada

'I will poison the food and the water' - Bill Gates

Alex Jones Was Right

PEI Sees An Outbreak Of God

on 09-20-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

The absolutely corrupt and constantly lying PEI government is trying to convince Islanders that there's a deadly disease coming after our children. They have begun, once again, their MK-Ultra mind control tactics on the children of PEI. Forcing them to wear a diaper on their faces, and brain-washing them to believe that they're diseased. The insidious nature of the evil mind-control seems to be lost on most Islanders... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Canadian PM Admits Vaccines Are Fake

on 08-28-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

Some people in Canada have a hard time believing that the covid-19 virus is fake, and so is the vaccine. However, the politicians of the world constantly slip up, that is why more and more people every week are seeing through the evils of tyranny. Every time I watch a status update from Canadian politicians on the fake pandemic they are ALWAYS laughing. They are laughing at us... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Mark Of The Beast In Canada

on 08-24-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

The 'mark' of the 'beast' is vaccine technology, and it always has been. You are extremely gullible if you don't understand that vaccine technology is pure evil. The history of vaccine technology is a satanic lie designed to fool the population into taking the 'mark'. Humanity is the 'beast', and the 'mark' goes on the 'beast'. It is a misunderstanding of eschatological teachings that satan is the 'beast'. No, the 'beast' is the collective consciousness of stupidity... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Alex Jones Was Right About Gay Frogs

on 08-23-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

A lot of people forget that Alex Jones is a news reporter. It's all too easy to believe all the lies about Alex Jones. That he is a conspiracy theorist, first, is a total lie. If Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist then all the media are conspiracy theorists. The reason why the dullards call Mr. Jones a conspiracy theorists is because he covers the conspiracies against humanity, as a reporter, simply put... read more

Alex Jones Was Right

Australian Gov Admits Covid Vax Is Poison

on 08-20-2021 / by J. Visser / in Toxic Humanity

It is very important to understand how evil is operating, right before our eyes. All the governments and all the media are working in lock-step with each other to introduce the 'mark' of the 'beast', and they do not try to hide it... read more

Alex Jones

Alex Jones has sounded the trumpet on the evil plan to poison all of humanity for a long while now. From flouride in the water to GMO, and the covid-19 world-wide medical experiment. Alex Jones has always been tip of the spear in warning of the elite master plan to cull the human race... read more