Alex Jones Was Right About Gay Frogs

Aug 23, 2021 / by J. Visser

A lot of people forget that Alex Jones is a news reporter. It's all too easy to believe all the lies about Alex Jones. That he is a conspiracy theorist, first, is a total lie. If Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist then all the media are conspiracy theorists. The reason why the dullards call Mr. Jones a conspiracy theorists is because he covers the conspiracies against humanity, as a reporter, simply put.

When it comes to the gay frog story, the truth is very simple to understand. You see, it wasn't Alex Jones to put forth the theory that there are chemicals in the water supply that are turning the frogs gay. The NWO media puppets want you to believe that Alex Jones dreams about gay frogs at night, but this is all a lie.

The truth is a study on the popular pesticide atrazine was conducted by a professor from the University of California, and his colleagues. 40 African clawed frogs were exposed to 2.5 parts per billion (ppb) of atrazine in water supply, continuously for three years. This is a level that is lower than the ppb allowed by government regulations. After three years, 30 of the frogs were chemically castrated, and incapable of reproducing. Four of the frogs literally turned female, and mated with other male frogs to produce viable eggs, despite being genetically male.

Biologist Tyrone Hayes (from UofC, Berkley) is the one that started this whole gay frog story, and he has a long history of studying atrazine going back to 1990. Alex Jones was just the reporter that covered this story, and in true Alex Jones style he gave an epic rant about the globalist turning the 'fricking' frogs gay.

Read the articles listed in Information Links below to read the real scientific papers on gay frogs because of atrazine, and learn why Alex Jones was right about the chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay.

Thanks for reading, and God Bless.

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