⇒ Toxic Humanity In Canada - Main Theory

Aug 17, 2021 / by J. Visser

Alex Jones has sounded the trumpet on the evil plan to poison all of humanity for a long while now. From flouride in the water to GMO, and the covid-19 world-wide medical experiment. Alex Jones has always been tip of the spear in warning of the elite master plan to cull the human race.

The main theory that I'm presenting here is that there is a global master plan to poison all of humanity, to make humans toxic, and this is directly connected to the biblical 'mark' of the 'beast'.

Alex Jones warned of mandatory vaccines in Canada and the world.

The connection that I'm making is with the religious warning of the 'mark of the beast' and the deliberate toxification of the human population. It is my opinion that vaccine technology has always been the 'mark of the beast'. It is not being turned into the 'mark', but has always been the technology planned to be the 'mark'. The 'beast' is not an individual, it is the collection of poisoned humans that need gene therapy treatment to protect themselves from a disease that is only in their heads. The 'gene therapy' used to be called a vaccine, and in the future, the 'gene therapy' will be combined with Bill Gates technology for total tracking and economic control.

You will not be able to buy or sell unless Bill Gates' technology deems you politically correct enough. Otherwise, you'll be censored, imprisoned, or eliminated, by order of Bill Gates, and carried out by the population of 'the beast'. Individuals like Bill Gates, Soros, and many others, are the 'mind' of the 'beast'. The 'body' of the 'beast' is the population that is mind controlled by the 'information' system of the 'beast', and the hallmark of the 'beast' is self-inflicted wounds. Your mind would never direct your body to disease on purpose, that is naturally human. However, the 'beast mind' sees itself as completely seperate from the 'beast body', and is filled with evil hate toward the entire 'body' of humanity. Therefore, the 'information' system of the 'beast' is the enemy of the people.

Creating toxic humans has been a decades long evil project, started by the Rockefeller foundation. According to Alex Jones, the toxification of humanity started with the Rockefeller family, and is being continued by the Bill Gates family. Who will carry the torch after Bill Gates is any ones guess.

Modern medicine is a scam, a total lie, created by the evil super rich to destroy the health of humanity. Many of the people, however, that go into medicine, truely do care about human health. The problem is the medical schooling, in the first place. The doctors need to believe in their emotional desire to cure people with medicine. It is very important that every doctor believes that the 'system of medicine' is benevolent. Even though the foundation of modern medicine is poison from the Rockefeller oil industry.

Articles categorized under 'Toxic Humanity' will be entirely focused on demonstrating that Alex Jones Was Right about an evil plan to make Canadians extremely toxic. That Bill Gates is trying to bring about the 'mark' of the 'beast' technology, while the Canadian government, media, health administrators, and law are the leg-work of tyrants.

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Thank you for reading, and God Bless.