⇒ Mark Of The Beast In Canada

Aug 24, 2021 / by J. Visser

The 'mark' of the 'beast' is vaccine technology, and it always has been. You are extremely gullible if you don't understand that vaccine technology is pure evil. The history of vaccine technology is a satanic lie designed to fool the population into taking the 'mark'. Humanity is the 'beast', and the 'mark' goes on the 'beast'. It is a misunderstanding of eschatological teachings that satan is the 'beast'. No, the 'beast' is the collective consciousness of stupidity, and is governed by satan. The 'beast' is what I like to call 'the minions of stupidity'. A lot people don't like it when I talk about human stupidity, but I don't care. You see, evil and stupidity always end up in the same place. This is why I equate stupidity with evil. They are the same thing.

Covid Vax is the mark of the beasts.

The Bible tells us that only the 'fool' says God does not exist, but I like to change the word 'fool' to 'stupid'. Of course, this is for dramatic effect. I am trying to get you mad. Anger is a sign of intelligence, especially when humanity is being enslaved by stupidity. If you are not angry that the Canadian government has completely signed-on with satans plan, then you are stupid. Because, satans ultimate plan is the total destruction of everything Godly and human on this planet. It doesn't matter if you're a fool who doesn't believe in God, satan still hates you. God does not hate you, though, and the people of God do not hate you. We love you, and it makes us cry to see you fall for satanic stupidity.

When it comes to information about the 'beast', and the 'mark' that satan prescribes for the 'beast', everyone seems to have sign-on with stupidity. Not just the secular crowd, but also the religious groups have chosen stupidity for their guide. You have accepted the 'mark' of the 'beast' if you've been vaccinated for anything. However, some people may point out that the description of the 'mark' is not exactly the same as the depiction of vaccinations. I am aware of that. However, it seems as though most people do not, at all, understand how evil operates. The evil person will always be the one that stupid people admire. Stupid people never admire creativity from God. In fact, stupid people laugh at Gods All Mighty ability to create.

The Bible is right about the 'mark' of the 'beast', and I am right about the 'mark' being vaccine technology. The evil planners always implement their filthy ideas in stages. There is a reason for this. Humanity, deep down inside, is not stupid at all. The satanic planners know this, and is the reason evil is introduced into human society in stages. You are not supposed to see evil coming, and evil does not want you to be warned.

If you are like me, then you are positively angry at the Canadian government. If you are angry at the Canadian government (and see their stupidity for what it is), then you are alive. Anger is a natural human reaction to enslavement, and you are being enslaved, so get angry. God would that you could get angry at the evil planners in Canadian government, and satan wants you to become enraged. Anger and Rage are very different. A smart person becomes angry when evil tries to enslave them, and a stupid person turns to rage. Trust me when I tell you this, satan is planning on you turning to rage. The stupid person will never be able to detect satans work.

Alex Jones has, many times over, warned that the dangerous covid-19 vaccine would become mandatory all around the world. The 'mark' of the 'beast' is applied to all of humanity, we know this. So, of course, the dangerous covid-19 vax is to become mandatory all around the world. How this will be done will be one of two ways: Either your government will use physical force to jab you, or you'll be fired from your work if you don't join the evil experiment.

Here, in Canada, we are seeing the 'mark' of the 'beast' rising in two places. Quebec and British Columbia. Which is no suprise to me. QC and BC are the most evil places to live in all of Canada. There will be a federal passport of vaccination in Canada. Trudeau MUST create a vaccine passport, or else. The evil globalist will murder Trudeau if he does not enact the evil agenda. Every country whose leader apposed the covid-19 tyranny was murdered. As a Canadian, you need to understand that all of our political leaders are under threat of death. They cannot, ever, side with God and humanity. Voting for any one of them, is voting for your own death.

The good news is, guess what, God wins. God always wins. Why? Because reality belongs to God, not satan.

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.