⇒ PEI Sees An Outbreak Of God

Sept 20, 2021 / by J. Visser

The absolutely corrupt and constantly lying PEI government is trying to convince Islanders that there's a deadly disease coming after our children. They have begun, once again, their MK-Ultra mind control tactics on the children of PEI. Forcing them to wear a diaper on their faces, and brain-washing them to believe that they're diseased. The insidious nature of the evil mind-control seems to be lost on most Islanders, but that was easily predicted. The retardation of PEI minds has been going on for many decades. The current satanic evil that has taken over the PEI government seems to have no end. The truth is, this evil fake pandemic will not end until we find the courage to stop our acquiescence to the evil doings of the satanic governments. Evil does not hide anymore! They tell us what they are doing without regard to repercussions. They believe that everyone has already sided with the satanic order.

PEI government goes full-blown satanic.

In PEI, right now, the medical professionals are starting to realize that evil has taken over the government and the public health offices. It's unbelievable how many missed the fact that there is no test for covid-19, or that covid-19 NEVER existed in the first place. However, many professionals have known that 70 to 80 percent vaccinated is way more than enough to provide herd immunity. Currently, 9 out of 10 Islanders have taken the experimental gene therapy designed by extremely evil minds. If the vaccine is real, which the mind-controlled Islanders have excepted, why are they so afraid? Why are people so afraid of the common cold. Remember, even if covid-19 was real, all that it amounted to was the common cold, or the sniffles. With 90% vaccinated, what is there to worry about?

Now, I want to reveal something about me here, which I wasn't planning on doing. You see, God talks to me everyday. Well, God talks to everyone, but more importantly, I listen. Everyday, I have conversations with God. This wasn't something that I was going to make public, but God came to me last week and asked me to do so. He told me that I don't have to reveal my full story, my testimony, but he wanted me to let my readers know that I'm in communication with God on a regular basis.

Why did God ask me to reveal something so intimate? Well let me tell you, God does have a very specific reason (as he usually does). God told me that people are claiming that He is behind the covid-19 pandemic. That humanity is bad and therefore must be punished, but this is the same mind-control information coming from the TV. That humanity is toxic, full of disease, and must be vaccinated. God tells me that he is not mad at humanity, and that we do not need to be punished in any way. More importanly, we do not need to be vaccinated against a disease that never existed. God is very adamant about this. God tells me that the 'outbreaks' in PEI, and around the world, are real, but they are the opposite of what the TV is telling you. The outbreaks are outbreaks of God, simply put. The TV mind-control system and the evil government planners are lying. The evil liars are lying in reverse of reality, God says.

The television wants you to believe that some invisible force is causing outbreaks of some deadly disease in humanity, but that's not what God is telling me. God wants you to know that it is Him doing Godly things in the world. There is a very powerful movement of God happenning the world over, and this terrifies the evil cabal. They have taken the 'truth' and completely flipped it over to make everyone extremely scared of nothing. They have made the world terrified of the sniffles. Why? Because they are terrified of you, and the connection that God is creating with you.

The Movement of God in the hearts of humanity is what the evil planners do not want you to know about. They are so afraid of God leading humanity that they have labelled it a disease, a pandemic. The pandemic is not a pandemic of evil, it is a pandemic of good, which scares the crap out of the evil doers. God told me that the evil planners have a way of detecting large Movements of God in the hearts of humanity. They know when God is making His moves. When God is creating change in the hearts and minds of humanity. They have labelled the actions of God as disease, a pandemic, and they have tricked the world to be afraid of God (like they are). God wants you to remember that the world will be upside-down during the end-times. This means that what the TV tells you is the literal opposite of reality.

This information goes against what the TV has been telling you, and even religious people will have a hard time to believe what God says. The TV mind-control system has been lying for two years about what God is doing, and that is how evil operates. They lie constanly, day after day, to turn your mind upside-down, and against the movement of God. Everywhere there is a so-called 'outbreak' is actually the scared evil minds detecting powerful movements of God. This is why they are trying to lockdown humanity, and to isolate you from communicating with others that are moved by God. Can you believe it? They actually think they can stop God. If you are like me, if you have accepted God in your heart, then you know that God doesn't even know how to lose. God always wins!

Thank you for reading, and God Bless.